Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Beer Gallery OPENING FIESTA!!!!!

We're very nearly ready to unveil our brand new Tony Hart inspired garden, and we thought it'd be damn rude not to have a massive party in honour of all our artists!

Come and celebrate the gorgeous weather and hang out with us this Sunday (5th July). There's be a BBQ on offer, scrumptious cocktails, beers a plenty and some summer dancing beats from our very own rooftop disc spinners!

We'll also be bringing you some live wall painting from the exceedingly talented duo BESTEVER (http://www.wearebestever.co.uk) So you can see how it's done!

Party starts from 3pm and will carry on till the sun sets!

Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, New Cross, SE14 6TY.
The Amersham Arms is directly opposite New Cross station, which is 6 mins on the overground from London Bridge. The last train back on a Sunday is 23.45. After that the N21 will take you there.



Thursday, 11 June 2009

All systems go!

We've had some amazing artists already come and adorn their work on the walls of our little courtyard, and we're getting more excited by the day about how brilliant it's going to look when it's finished.

We're putting together a little zine that will profile each artist......watch this space!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Beer Gallery needs you!

Can you smell it? That's summer and it's very nearly coming round the corner on it's bike to ask you to play out. Remember how much fun you had in the summer holidays as a kid....knock a door run, jubblys, kerbie, grass stains and midgies. Happy happy sunshine fun.

Well us at the Amersham want that back! and we want you to help us get it! 

We're on the prowl for some wonderful artistic people to help us transform our little garden courtyard into a colourful sanctuary of beer drinking summer nights and bbq scented days.

If you've been to the Amersham before, or indeed passed it whilst stuck in the ferocious one-way system you can't of failed to notice the big pandas that have been keeping guard here over the past year or so. If you haven't noticed them LOOK NOW cos they won't be there for much longer. 

Indeed, we are sad to be loosing Tom Glen's marvelous black eyed friends (http://www.awolfinthetrees.blogspot.com/)  but we feel it's time.....and that's where YOU come in!

We have various walls in our outside courtyard that we'd like to use to showcase the best in contemporary wall based art. Are you a illustrator or image maker? Want to exhibit your work, all summer long to a plethora of young, funky hipster folk?

We'd preferably like work that cheers up the space, so no death metal album covers-inspired work please!

If you'd like to be considered for the project please email examples of your work, your website/blog address if you have one and either sketches or a rough idea of what you'd like to paint to......

(please title your email 'The Beer Gallery')

Work will commence week beginning 8th June

You don't need to have an extensive portfolio of mural work, just a good idea and the ability to join in.

Once we've carried out the painting, we'll be dressing the courtyard in it's sunday best - new picnic benches, fairy lights and flowers, and have a big shindig to launch it (with hopefully a bbq and lots of mojitos!)

Unfortunately we can only pay a materials budget, but the space will hopefully attract a huge passing audience (think of  all the traffic that would pass your piece if you were on the front wall!) Plus you'll be meeting a new network of artists, be included in artist's profiles on this blog and get untold hits on your website from advertising it by your piece. Brilliant!

We can however, feed you while you work, cool you down with beers and tell you how much you're making us smile with your magnificent work!

Below are some pictures of the walls we have on offer....(the spaces we'd like painting are highlighted in green)

Side of front entrance to pub...where the pandas live now.

Panda Wall detail - see how you could stretch your image round the corner...

Wall opposite panda wall. This area is going to be a new edition to the garden - we're moving the bins, giving it a pressure wash, and getting some picnic benches, making this a new, on-show, area to sit.

Inside the Courtyard. Excuse the rubbish in the cubby-hole. As you come through the gates there is a space to the left where we'll be putting a table. Do you have a drawing that could fill this little room?
Also the wall slightly further into the courtyard is a prime spot for a landscape piece of work.

Same wall as mentioned in last picture...

The Wall mentioned in the last pic also carries on further round the corner, which could be used to continue work around, or indeed a separate piece.

As you turn the corner in the courtyard, facing you is a huge long wall that extends as you approach it.

This is the wall you're greeted with as you venture further in, it's about 5 metres in length, 2 metres high.

View of 5m large wall and the corner, which is also a prime spot.

So you can see, we've got quite a bit of space to offer, so do get your thinking caps on, and get in contact if you have any questions or if you'd like to come visit the space.

Remember, these thins are likely to get you noticed: